Behind the scenes...

The Rockabilly Riot! is a NEW STYLE ROCKABILLY for Festivals and events and DANCING! The band combines the early Beatles and Rolling Stones with Brian Setzer - Black Keys, CCR, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Brian Setzer and Original rockabilly artists from the 50s, artists such as Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley, young Elvis, Louis Prima, Eddie Cochran.

So what's new? SWAMP SWING & JIVE (and a whole lot of dancing!).

Their performances are filled with charisma, rich three part harmonies, solid vocals, plenty of authentic "Gretsch" guitar twang, swingin' standup bass, versatile and exciting rockabilly drumming, and excelient band chemistry on stage! With a solid backbeat and a swinging bass, Rockabilly Riot are crowd pleasers with 3 experienced pros who play together in "Buddy Holly Lives" ( and to packed theatres and events for the past 15 years across Ontario with a reputation for bringing down the house. They are always asked to play encores and invited back everywhere they play.

A time when it was possible to hear a song once and be forever transformed

Dave Bull - "Buddy"

  Dave Bull has been a native of Kingston since 1983. Originally from Toronto, Dave first appeared on the Canadian rock music scene in the late seventies. Dave is the lead vocalist and the guitarist for Buddy Holly Lives! Besides playing the part of Buddy Holly, he writes and records his own music. Also a member of The ToneKats and The Rockabilly All Stars, Dave brings energy in his vocal and guitar stylings that capture the essence of Buddy Holly. The Crickets are, in fact, played by two band members who have played alongside Dave since the beginning -  Bassist Marty Crapper and drummer Stu Pike. Dave was also a member of "The Rave", which played hundreds of engagements in the eighties and nineties in and around Kingston and Eastern Ontario. Buddy Holly Lives! has entertained at  theatres, high schools, festivals, fundraisers, bandstands, Civic events, dances, and ballrooms playing in Eastern Ontario and New York to rave reviews since 1999.

Marty Crapper - "Joe B"

A direct descendent of Thomas Crapper, British inventor of the flush toilet, Marty is the bassist and backup vocalist for Buddy Holly Lives!. Marty lives in Westport Ontario and has performed jazz, rock, swing and folk music in bands including Sunny Lemon Tina, Ninth Line Jazz Band, Bald Like Dad, and the highly acclaimed King of the Swingers . Marty recently contributed to a recording for a March 2001 release with Universal Records by Luther Wright and the Wrongs of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Marty has been playing in bands with Stuart Pike since 1993 and with Dave Bull since 1996. His unique slap style on his 1951 upright bass adds real excitement and raw energy to the Crickets' sound.

Stuart Pike - "J. I."

Stuart completes the trio as drummer and back up vocalist for Buddy Holly Lives!. Stuart portrays the role of Jerry Allison of the “Crickets”. Stuart has been performing with swing bands since the 1970s, originally in Alberta. Now settled in Eastern Ontario he performed with Dave Bull and Kevin Murphy for 10 years as “The Rave”. Stu also played in the Mudcats and SLT. Stuart is active on the board of directors of “Pumpkin Pie”, a musical series in the Battersea area. He is an avid promoter, supporter and player of live music in Eastern Ontario. He plays with Wawanco Todos and weekly Jazz at Montes with Craig Jones, Tim Aylesworth and other Kingston jazz artists. His ability and variety of styles also involve him in jazz, swing, samba, and dixieland in addition to rockabilly and rock n' roll.


...the evolution of rockabilly .. Rockabilly Riot make you wanna get up and dance with their high energy swingin' rock n' roll!